StoryBrand is a marketing strategy designed by Donald Miller, author of Building A StoryBrand and Marketing Made Simple.

Miller uses the StoryBrand Framework to construct a business’s message around the Hero’s Journey.

A Character has a Problem, and meets a Guide, who gives them a Plan, and calls them to Action to avoid Failure and end in Success.

With StoryBrand, the Character is your customer, and you are the Guide who helps the Character overcome the obstacle to reach their goal.

You are Yoda to Luke Skywalker, or Mr. Miyagi to the Karate Kid.

Together, you will help your customer reach their goal.

Why StoryBrand Matters

It’s easy for marketing to miss the mark. With so many companies out there competing for business, your voice can be lost in the void.

Sometimes, marketing feels gimmicky or annoying. At other times, it’s ineffective because you don’t know how to reach your audience (your customers) and capture their attention.

This is where StoryBrand comes in. StoryBrand wraps your business into their story. It helps the customer see how you can help them.

When customers know how you fit into their story, and how you help them, they’re ready to choose you.

How Elemental Design Uses StoryBrand
To Give You An Edge


We use StoryBrand to clarify your message.


We build your StoryBrand into a framework you can use throughout your company.


Customers understand how you can help them succeed.


They’ll remember your story and continue to come back.

With StoryBrand, you’ll be the trusted Guide that gives your customer the answer they need to succeed every time.

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